Annie Newman Limited Edition Art

Annie Newman creates Designed Art that generates energy flows harmonized with the needs of your personality, bringing glamour, passion, abundance, or creativity into your office and home. Please read the interview in the Feng Shui World.

Dated April 2015 by Helen Oon

Most of my paintings are inspired by talking to my clients about what they love, and then I put pencil to paper.

If you are a high flying professional deciding between caution and ambition, contemplate the delicately balanced orchid in lilac and gold leaf.


Your personal situation may suggest tree blossom, peonies, or lotus flower.

2. Horse painting

If you are seeking an urgent increase of strength, reflect on the horse painting.


3. Dragon Painting

If you are well known, with a strong reputation to maintain, consider acquiring the dragon’s protective energy.

4. Buddha and Goddess Paintings

If your soul seeks meditative peace, centre on peaceful Goddess, or to relieve cares, on the laughing Buddha in ochre monochrome and silver leaf.


Recently I was privileged to meet the World Reknowed Feng Shui Expert Dr Michael Oon.