I can help you:

  1. If you have a few sentimental pieces of furniture that you want to keep, but they look outdated I can help you give them a face lift (chinoiserie and antiquing) click here to see samples.
  2. If you have difficulty finding the right wall paper or color paint, I can help you color though by mixing a palate custom made to match the ambience of your decor. Click here to see Paint Finishes samples.
  3. If you woke up one morning and to your horror found that there has been a leak, and that your Trompe L’oeil, your pride and joy has been damaged, I can help you by carefully matching the damaged part to the existing part so you do not have to paint over.  Click here to see Paint Finishes samples.
  4. If you want your children to develop an aesthetic appreciation of art through their environment then I can help you recreate their favorite storytelling on their wall, and match to the furnishing. Click here to see Murals samples.
  5. Avoid spending hours trying to find the right Art piece to hang up.  I can help you by producing sample paintings, and reproducing exactly the ones that you want. See Personalised Paintings and Testimonials from Clients.


 About Annie Newman


    1. I started a hobby restoring and painting  worn-out furniture a gazillion years ago.
    2. Then one Sunny Spring day I landed a job as PA to an Arab Princess that changed my life.
    3. She had a problem matching her blinds to her decor and wall paper. I volunteered, and traced some magnolia blossoms onto the blinds, and painted them with some fabric paints.
    4. Then others approached me with their decor problems, seeking advice on how to achieve special paint finishes on walls to match their curtains.
    5. After graduating from Law college I never opened another Law book! The hobby has now turned into a business, and over the years I was fortunate to be internationally recognized as an artist. My list of celebrity clients grew as well as my blue chip ones. At the same time, I continued to make Art affordable for many discerning Art lovers. The concept of Limited Edition Art was born of which I am most proud.
    6. Through Creative Art of embellishments on  Jimmy Choo Couture Shoes, Jimmy and I have raised thousands of pounds for many Charities. These were done with love and care.
    7. I love to encourage Mothers to give their children a rich and productive life through their shared love of painting together as seen here in IKEA. (please click link to see Arts and Crafts).

Out-of-the-Box life ☺️

    • In my twenties I lived aboard a traditional long barge with a thumping great Kelvin JP2 engine. Not much space to store my Louboutins!!!
    • I was invited to the Deputy Prime Minister’s Retreat and I saw the Preliminary Sketch to the Magna Carter. I had a profound moment. We must never take ‘Freedom’ for granted as so many have died in the quest for this.
    • Stephen-HawkingsMeeting the Great Professor Stephen Hawkings (The Theory of Everything) I learnt that you can be anything if you only ‘Believe in Yourself’ as proven by Stephen Hawkings. As an Artist you have to keep reinventing yourself as I have to. ( The Book on Limited Edition -How to stay on Top of The Creative Game) will be coming out soon.
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